The ultimate DIY handbook

The Ultimate DIY handbook


 This is the only book of it’s kind! (and it’s HUGE!)

 Written by the most followed aquarium hobbyist on the planet!

 Content you will NOT find anywhere else!

 GUARANTEED to change your hobby forever!


Hey Joey, isn’t this the same as your videos?

"Not even close. 
I personally think that my videos are lacking completely compared 
to this book. A video is essentially free-styled and off the top of my head.
The book not only allows me to go into detail
but also explain how and why things work. This is stuff you simply will not find anywhere else."

Why should I trust you?

"I didn't become the largest and most popular aquarium channel on the planet by accident.
My projects have inspired and taught over 17 MILLION aquarium hobbyists! 
If I was not the BEST at what I do, you wouldn't be reading this."

This book will pay for itself.
I know that it will save you a LOT of money.
I know that you can use it to even MAKE money. 

If you are ready to take control of your hobby and put money BACK into you OWN pockets.. … keep reading.

What else can you buy in the hobby for 25 bucks that will save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars? Heck, what else in the hobby can you buy for 25 bucks that could MAKE you money??

Look at your aquarium. How much did everything cost you? What if i told you you paid at LEAST twice as much as you should have? Is that 25 bucks worth it now?

 This will be the best investment you make for your hobby.

Check out the table of contents!

This book will change your hobby forever.

Stop limiting your hobby to ONLY what is available.

Stop throwing your money away on things you could do yourself… and probably better!

Make the hobby yours!

I will give you the tools and knowledge to accomplish what you never thought was possible.

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